SharkRF IP Connector Server connector

You can use this connector to accept connections from another openSPOT device. This connector only supports 1 active connection, so if you want to link more than 1 device, you can use our open source SharkRF IP Connector Protocol Server. The protocol's documentation can be found on GitHub, so you can also develop your own application for the openSPOT4.

The easiest way is to use the Quick setup to set up this connector.

Make sure that the UDP port used by this connector (by default it's 65100) is correctly set up on your router (it's open on the firewall and is forwarded to the openSPOT4's IP address).

All modem modes are supported by this connector, with automatic cross mode conversion between the following modes:

  • DMR, C4FM (DN mode) and NXDN®, and also D-STAR® with the openSPOT4 Pro
  • C4FM (VW mode) and P25

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