Cross modes

Both the openSPOT4 and the openSPOT4 Pro have a very powerful, yet easy to use cross mode system.

openSPOT4 Pro

The openSPOT4 Pro has onboard transcoding hardware with a genuine AMBE® vocoder chip:

  • The openSPOT4 Pro has the best voice quality in cross mode operation
  • Supports D-STAR® cross modes
  • Supports call audio playback on the web interface

The openSPOT4 Pro's onboard transcoding hardware supports the following cross modes:

A software-based conversion method is used for the following cross modes:

  • C4FM transceiver to access P25 networks
  • P25 transceiver to access C4FM networks


The openSPOT4 uses a software-based conversion method, which supports the following cross modes:

Note that as the standard (non-Pro) version of the openSPOT4 has no onboard transcoding hardware, it can't change the audio level of the transcoded stream. This may cause you to hear others loudly, but others hear you quietly, or vice-versa.

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