First steps

Charging the battery

Connect the openSPOT4 to a USB power supply to start charging the battery. The openSPOT4 is fully functional while it is charging.

Powering up

Power up the openSPOT4 by pressing the power button for at least 1 second.

If you're powering up a brand new openSPOT4 which has never been turned on before, then connect it to a USB power supply first; otherwise it will not turn on.

If the device is running with the factory default configuration, then there's an initialization running for about 5 seconds and the Status LED is flashing white:

After this, the LED will be slowly flashing white indicating that the device has entered access point (AP) mode and it's broadcasting its own Wi-Fi network called openSPOT4 AP:

The AP mode is the openSPOT4's default mode of operation if no Wi-Fi networks are configured. AP mode lets you configure a Wi-Fi network which the openSPOT4 will connect to. You can enable AP mode later anytime by pressing the Wi-Fi button for about 3 seconds - until the Status LED turns white, indicating that AP mode has started.

Connecting the openSPOT4 to a Wi-Fi network

  • Connect your web browser device (phone/tablet/computer) to the Wi-Fi network called openSPOT4 AP.

    If there is no Wi-Fi network called openSPOT4 AP, then make sure the openSPOT4 is in AP mode (Status LED is flashing white). You can switch between AP and normal mode anytime by pressing the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds.

    Also make sure the openSPOT4 is placed close to your phone/tablet/computer.

  • The initialization setup opens automatically:

    If the initialization setup won't open automatically, then you can open it by entering into the web browser while your browser device is connected to the Wi-Fi network openSPOT4 AP. Note that this IP address only works while the openSPOT4 is in AP mode (indicated by white Status LED), and your browser device is connected to the openSPOT4 AP Wi-Fi network.

  • Select the country of operation, then click on the Next button. The Wi-Fi network select screen will be displayed:

  • Select which Wi-Fi network the openSPOT4 will use (usually your own Wi-Fi network) by clicking on the Connect button in the row of the desired Wi-Fi network.

  • Enter the Wi-Fi network password in the Network key dialog (make sure you enter the password case sensitive), then click on the dialog's Connect button:

  • The openSPOT4 starts connecting to the selected Wi-Fi network:

  • After the openSPOT4 has connected to the selected Wi-Fi network, you'll see the following screen:

    Click on the Next button. The openSPOT4 will turn off it's Wi-Fi network "openSPOT4 AP", and its Status LED will become green or alternating green and orange which means the Null connector is active and the device is connected to the selected Wi-Fi network.

  • Your browser device (phone/tablet/computer) detects that the openSPOT4 AP Wi-Fi network is no longer available, and drops the connection. It should automatically connect back to the previously used Wi-Fi network. If it does not, connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as you've selected for the openSPOT4.

If the openSPOT4 can't connect to the configured Wi-Fi network (the Status LED stays flashing blue), then it will automatically switch back to AP mode (indicated by flashing white LED) after 1 minute. If this happens, then re-do the steps above and verify that the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly.

Note that connecting to hidden SSIDs are not supported.

Quick Setup initialization

If the openSPOT4 is connected to the Wi-Fi network (indicated by green or green/orange) flashing LED, then open SharkRF Link in your web browser. Enter the openSPOT4's device UID (you can find this ID on the sticker at the bottom of the openSPOT4), then click on the Connect button.

The openSPOT4's web interface will open in your web browser. If not, then make sure your browser device (phone/tablet/computer) is connected to the exact same Wi-Fi network as the openSPOT4, and that the openSPOT4 is connected to the Wi-Fi network indicated be green/orange or green LED.

Fill in your callsign and IDs at the Quick setup's Owner Information section, then click on the Save button.

Quick Setup

The Quick Setup helps you to configure the openSPOT4 with your transceiver and connect to the preferred network.

  • Select the type of your transceiver
  • Set some basic settings like the frequency, and select the network you want to connect (this will set which connector will be used)
  • Select the server to connect, set the needed network parameters (like your callsign, IDs, etc.), and click on the Connect button
  • After the openSPOT4 is connected to the selected server it is ready to use with your transceiver

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