Cross modes using a P25 transceiver

Using a C4FM network

After you've set up and activated the C4FM connector, switch the modem to P25 mode. Only calls in VW (Voice Wide) mode will be converted to your P25 radio. If someone transmits in other modes on the C4FM network, you will hear silence on your P25 radio.

Your outgoing callsign will be the callsign associated with the P25 source ID. If there's no callsign associated to the ID, then the callsign will be the Default callsign for cross mode calls. If this is not set, your outgoing callsign will be your radio's P25 ID as text.

An incoming call's source P25 ID will be set to the ID associated with the source callsign. If there's no ID associated, and the source callsign can be parsed into a number, it will be used as the source P25 ID. Otherwise the Default cross mode source P25 ID will be used.

All calls coming from the C4FM network will be sent as a group call to P25 ID 9 (TG9). Make sure TG9 is in the selective call list of your P25 radio's current channel, or SelCall is turned off, or TG9 is set as the TX contact for the current channel, otherwise the squelch won't open and you won't hear the calls.

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