APRS® connector

You can use this connector to connect to the APRS® network. The easiest way is to use the Quick setup to set up the connection.

This connector can stay active in the background if the Enable in background checkbox is checked, which means you can use the openSPOT3 the same way as before with another active connector, but it will function also as an APRS® client.

The openSPOT3 will automatically receive APRS® chat messages and if enabled, it can transmit the device location or position information received from D-STAR® and C4FM/Fusion® radios. If the APRS® connector is enabled then you can see its connection status on the Status page.

You can also enable forwarding incoming APRS® chat messages to your POCSAG receiver by setting a RIC at Send incoming messages to POCSAG RIC.

If Advanced mode is enabled, then you can set forced a SSID, symbol and APRS® comment for forwarded location data.

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