YSFReflector connector

You can use this connector to connect to a network which supports the YSFReflector protocol, like YSFReflector servers.

The easiest way is to use the Quick setup to connect to these networks.

Switching YSFReflector servers using your radio

You can switch YSFReflector servers with your radio by entering the Special command/cross mode private call DTMF code DTMF code (by default it's *) followed by the desired server's ID (5 numbers).

You can also use the Wires-X button menu of your radio to select/search for servers.

Cross mode usage

The YSFReflector connector is a C4FM connector, but it supports DMR, NXDN and P25 cross modem modes.

You can change servers using DMR, NXDN and P25 radios by calling their IDs with a private call.

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