Button usage

Please only use a ballpoint pen to press the button, don't use a sharp item like a needle!

The LED will blink white while the button is held. The blink interval indicates how much time is left until the button press is confirmed. Confirmation is indicated by two short white LED blinks.

  • Hold the button for 3 seconds to switch the openSPOT2 between Wi-Fi access point (AP) mode and normal mode.

    • In AP mode, the openSPOT2 broadcasts it's own Wi-Fi network called openSPOT2 AP. The LED is pulsating white in access point (AP) mode and solid white if a Wi-Fi client is connected. You can use this mode to set the openSPOT2's Wi-Fi networks. See the First steps section for more information.
    • In normal mode, the openSPOT2 is trying to connect to one of the Wi-Fi networks which have been set on the Network page, Wireless settings section (or using the Initialization setup in AP mode).

    Here's a video showing how to switch the openSPOT to AP mode and connect it to a Wi-Fi network:

    If there's no Wi-Fi network set on the Network page (Wireless settings section) then the openSPOT2 automatically switches to AP mode.

  • Hold the button for 30 seconds to perform a full factory reset. In this case all configuration profiles will be cleared.

  • Press the button 3 times quickly to enable/disable powersaving.

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