Cross modes using a D-STAR® transceiver

Using a DMR network

After you've set up and activated the DMR connector, switch the modem to D-STAR® mode.

The source DMR ID of your calls from the D-STAR® radio will be set to the ID associated with the source callsign. If there's no ID associated, then the source callsign will be parsed into a number and this will be used as the source DMR ID. If it can't be parsed into a number, then the Default cross mode source DMR ID will be used. You can set this to your DMR ID.

The callsign of incoming DMR calls will be set to the callsign associated with the DMR ID. If there's no callsign associated in the database, then the Default callsign for cross mode calls will be used. If it's not set, the callsign will be the source DMR ID as text.

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